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Activities at StoweAway Community Centre

Below you can see some of the events, classes and activities that are being held in the coming days and weeks. Contact the person listed next to each activity for more information.
  • Board Games, 2nd Sunday

    Last updated at 01:25 on 27 November 2021
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    Every 2nd Sunday of the Month we take over one of the halls at the Stoweaway, and play board games. People bring their own games, or share with others. This is intended mostly for grown ups, children allowed if supervised. Cost: £3 Adults + Children 10+ yrs

    Staldon Road, Swindon, SN1 7AG
    Sunday at 13:30-19:30
    Jess Robinson
  • Space

    Last updated at 01:24 on 27 November 2021
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    Space is a youth club for children in school years 2 to 6. We aim to create a space to play, a space to chill out, a space to be yourself, a space to do your homework, a space to chat, a space to make your own decisions, a space to be creative, and a space to have fun! Also, by the end of each session we will have together made a meal, set the table, eaten dinner together and cleared up the space. There is a suggested donation of 50p per week, per child to cover the cost of the hall.

    Staldon Road, Swindon, SN1 7AG
    Friday at 15:15-16:45
    Lorna Warrington-Gallienne
    Text: 07814780413
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